Performing Property AssetsInvestment Management /

CCL provides investment management services to property and finance based MIS and generally speaking has a co investment strategy to align its interest with that of investors. For a summary of the MIS that CCL is Investment Manager of please see Investment Opportunities (link).Commercial Property Finance Brokering

CCL’s executive team includes two structured financiers who have worked in a number of Australian and international financial institutions. They bring a wealth of experience and valuable relationships which enable CCL to source finance for structured commercial property finance transactions from Australian commercial banking organisations, as well as hedge funds and private financiers. CCL also assists borrowers to collate and prepare finance proposals for commercial property loans.

Advisory /

CCL provides a broad range of property and finance advisory services which include:

  • Distressed advisory and solutions
  • Financial modelling feasibility and sensitivity analysis
  • Project management of lending process
  • Presales, due diligence, compliance and ongoing management
  • Portfolio review of assets and finance arrangements
  • Transaction services, including acquisition and disposal.

Distressed Property Assets Replacement RE /

CCL has acted for a number of investors in distressed or underperforming MIS that, for various reasons, have sought to replace the existing RE. CCL starts by working with the investors to identify and understand the history of the MIS and the reasons for the performance issues. With the support of key stakeholders and investors, it formulates and implements strategies which enable commercial outcomes that are beneficial to the circumstances of each individual.

Distressed Asset Manager /

CCL has acted for a number of commercial and private financiers’ as well as individuals in the management of distressed property assets. CCL works closely with associated insolvency firm BRI Ferrier to manage both formal and informal appointments to such assets.